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Minimum Age. 15
Qualification taking place Friday 16th, followed by Quater Finals and Semi-Finals on Saturday, Ending with Finals on Sunday.
A €15 registration fee will be collected on the first day of the event. The fee will cover the competition fee and will allow you to use the course during the weekend. Terms and Conditions: I declare that I am medically fit to compete in this event. I enter at my own risk and agree that the organizers, helpers and officials shall not be responsible for any injury, illness or damage to my person or personal belongings, howsoever caused, during any pre, actual or post event connected with the event. I agree to be bound by the regulations of this event, and the laws and regulations of the Malta Street Sport assoscation and Regjun Tramuntana. I have not taken and am not taking any illegal substances in terms of the relevant WADA list and I shall remain responsible and in virtue of the present am binding myself to indemnify the Street Idols Festival Organising Committee and the Malta Street Sport assoscation and Regjun Tramuntana for any damages of whatever nature that the said Committee and/or Federation may suffer if it results that I have taken such substances. I the undersigned declare that I have understood the contents and import of this document and the Street Idols Festival regulations and I confirm my understanding thereof. I also declare that the above particulars are complete and correct in every detail. (In the event of any entrant not competing in the event, the entry fee remains non-refundable).