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MSSA strives to create as many opportunities as possible for the street sport scene, we do this by offering our knowledge and expertice in street sport to anyone willing to create anything realted to street sport. As an organisation, we can offer the below.

Street Sport Shows

Through out the year we organise a number of shows that are part of events such as school or local council events around Malta, in order to promote sports such as BMX, Skateboarding, Scooter and more. We can also perform shows at private events with various options on the kind of show we can perform. The main requirement for a show would be space and a smooth surface.


We can also organise workshops with youth and teach them various things that are related with street sport, things that vary from physical fitness, creative skills, ramp building and more. The main idea behind these workshops is to get youth engaged in something that gets them thinking and away from screen time. We have previously organised workshops which will be part of a ramp building project in colloboration with a local council, the project would have the youth of the locaility engaged in the process of installing new ramps in the locailities open spaces. During the installation stage, we would organise a workshop with the youth and explain the process of building such ramps and also have them be part of the installation. This in return will give them a sense of responsability on the ramps and will help in preserving the state of the ramps and avoid vandalism.


As part of our yearly events, we organise a number of competitions in BMX, Skateboarding, Scooter, 3×3 Basket, Street football and more. These competitions can also be a form of a show during an event with also the possibility of organising an internationa street sport event.