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We are here not for income, but for outcome

The MSSA is comprised of street sport enthusiasts and experts that strive to educate the general public about the benefits of participating in street sport with the aim to see the street sport scene thrive. These include BMX, skateboarding, inline skate, scooter, street football, street basketball, parkour
The objectives of MSSA is to use street sport as a tool to help youth stay away from all sorts of addictions, namely drugs, alcohol, corruption, etc. The organisation promotes and educates people on how to use Street sport to participate in physical activity and conduct a healthy lifestyle. They use their experience and expertise to promote the sports that fall under street sport, so that these become more popular and available to youth, catering particularly to individuals with limitations to adhere to a particular training schedule. They see this as adapting to the current challenge youth are increasingly facing to join popular team sports due to lack of time available or/and with financial difficulties. Sense of belonging is important for youth, and considered crucial for mental health and social wellbeing, among other factors. Street sport offers opportunities which other sports lack, such as accessible for both regular practice and sporadic practice, and in a group or individually. Consequently, this gathers those youth who feel somewhat marginalised because for any reason they cannot be part of a team sports such as traditional sports.

MSSA organises various Street Sport Shows and events around Malta, in 2022. We organised the first Urban sports festival in Malta at Birzebbuga Pretty Bay, the festival included all street sports and had over 160 participants. We also hosted three international events for the Redbull, two “Full Moon” Series in 2020 and The Mind the Gap Competition in 2023. In 2021, MSSA also had two scooter athletes compete in a World Championship, representing Malta in a Street Sport World Championship.

The members of the committee understand well the concept of sustainability, which helps them look at the bigger picture. The foundation of MSSA is built on the continuous development of the younger generations and generations to come. Hence, they organise regular workshops to involve the young people in the design and construction of the ramps and skatepark projects. They are given hands on experience by equipping them with useful skills such as woodwork, so that each generation teaches the next. This will contribute to the continuation of the street sport scene, hence making the whole concept sustainable. During this workshop, youth were taught under professional supervision and watched their work develop into a ramp or even better into a skatepark. This sense of pride and ownership facilitated the dissemination of the projects as the youth were enthusiastic about their achievement and reduced vandalism because they understand better the work behind the fun.


  • Where It All Began

    It all started from a simple meeting between friends, we wanted to see street sport progress and as a result this movement started.

  • What is Street Sport?

    Street sport is the new alternative tool in promoting physical activity as more and more people seek alternative methods to be active, Street Sport consists of BMX, Skateboarding, Inline, Street Football, Street Basket Ball, Hip Hop Dancing and more

  • Everyone of us counts

    Together we can all make a difference

  • All People Matter

    Alone we can do so little,  together we can do so much.

  • The Big Movement

    We have started a movement that shall not be stopped.

  • There is Good in The World

    Choose to be optimistic, it feels better!

  • So much more to Achieve

    We live in a beautiful country and we are very lucky to have the sort of climate we do, this is why we believe Malta can become a hub for street sport.

Our Team

We are all in this Together!

Neil Fenech

Neil Fenech

General Secratery
Neil is the secretary of MSSA and has a passion for BMX / music production and also works as a mixed martial arts tv commentator. Although he has many things...
Ryan Tabone

Ryan Tabone

Ryan is the Treasurer of MSSA and has been Skateboarding for the past 15 years. Being a draftsman by profession, Ryan has always had a passion for building Ramps and...
Karl Naja

Karl Naja

Karl is the president and Founder of the MSSA and has a hugee passion for BMX. He started riding BMX in 2004 and has never looked back since, he has...

You Can Trust Us

We are not in for income. We are here for outcome