Birgu Mini Skatepark Completed

Birgu Mini Skatepark Completed

Another skatepark for the books! We are happy to announce the completion of the Birgu Mini Skatepark, which was possible thanks to Agenzija Zghazagh. At the beginning of the year, after having upgraded the Zejtun Skatepark we were assigned the task to build a few ramps for the youth that visit the Agenzija Zghazagh South youth center in Birgu.

The concept behind this project goes beyond providing ramps and a safe place for youths to use them. Same as with our other projects, we tried to ensure continuity by including the youth throughout all the steps of the project. With the help of the youth workers at Agenzija Zghazagh we identified the ramps that the youth wanted to have and proposed a design that was later approved by the youth. Once we had the go ahead for the ramps , we started with the fabrication. All the wood needed for this build was supplied by PM Hobby DIY Home Solutions, who also supported the project.

The ramps where not delivered finished so that we could continue building them during the workshops with the youth on site to train and explain to them various ramp building practices while assisting them in completing the project. The youth finished the ramps by helping with the installation of all the metals sheets and coping, screwing in the tops layers of the ramps and finishing them off by giving them varnish to protect the ramps from external elements.

We are delighted with the result of the project and can’t thank Agenzija Zghazagh enough for believing in us and the importance of street sport for our youth. Finally we would like to thank PM Hobby DIY Home Solutions again for supporting this project and providing us with top quality material. These ramps are available to any youths on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we suggest contacting them on Facebook here before going.