BMX Training to Win Continues

BMX Training to Win Continues

We are at the final stages of completing the content for the course of this project, this will be training course for BMX trainers. This will be an open educational resource, therefore available to all those interested in this sport in Malta and throughout Europe. The training program will be like a manual for coaches, including topics on general theoretical competences in sports, specific content necessary for BMX sports on physical preparation, rules, technique, tactics, psychological aspects, as well as practical training in photo and video format.

The task of the coaches involved in the project is to develop the specific section dedicated to BMX sport. Our trainers of the project, Karl Naja and Neil Fenech, are working on such training course topics as “Digital Marketing”, “Technology and Gadgets on Track”, “Entrepreneurship in BMX”. During the online meeting which happend in August, participants discussed how each of them is doing with the development of topics, what the challenges are, and agreed that this section of the training course should basically be ready by end of September. We would like to thank all the partners in The project “BMX-Training to Win” which is co-funded by the European Union.

Project partners: CLUB BMX School – Zaragoza (Spain), CEIPES (Spain), Malta Street Sports Association (Malta), Latvijas Sporta izglītības iestāžu Direktoru padome (Latvia), SZC – Slovensky Zvaz Cyklistiky (Slovakia), Universidad San Jorge (Spain)


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