Street Idols Street Sport Festival Update – Construction of Ramps to begin. Workshop for youths 24.10.20

Street Idols Street Sport Festival Update – Construction of Ramps to begin. Workshop for youths 24.10.20

Im sure many of you have seen on our social media that we have just recieved the wood for the festivals skatepark, but due to covid we have had to postpone the event and change our plans! Together with Regjun Tramuntana, we have decided to begin building a number of ramps that will be used for the event once we are allowed to organise it.

These ramps will be setup at the Bugibba Skatepark and Selmun Family Park, during the building of these ramps we will be organising workshops with youth who are interested in learning how ramps are built and can also help us during the building.

Workshop information

The first workshop will be held on the 24th of October, we will start building specific ramps to be used on site till the event is held. After the event is done, the same ramps will be put back at the bugibba skatepark.

Due to covid regulations we cannot be more than 10 people per group, so we are planning on splitting up into two groups and not being more than 6 people each group. 4 people of each group will be youths who applied for the workshop through the below form, participants must be over 12 years old. Younger participants must be accompanied with parents but might not be accepted if to many people are registered. We would like to say a big thanks to all the guys at the Bugibba Skatepark, thanks to their hard work, we are able to organise this workshop at the skatepark and provide a safe space for youth to enjoy. Of course me must also thank Regjun Tramunata for make all this possible.

We are looking forward to the workshop on the 24.10.2020, starting at 3pm.

Please note for the safety of everyone, we will be closing off the area during the workshop and only people participating in the workshop will be allowed at the Bugibba Skatepark.

24/10 Bugibba Skatepark Workshop
Do you have experience working with tools? *
Terms and Conditions: I declare that the above is true and that I am medically fit to take part in this workshop and that I have no covid-19 symptoms. I enter at my own risk and agree that the organizers, helpers and officials shall not be responsible for any injury, illness or damage to myself or personal belongings, howsoever caused, during any pre, actual or post event connected with the event.

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