Fise Festival and Urban Sports Summit

Fise Festival and Urban Sports Summit

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Urban Sports Summit which is organised by Hurricane, together with experiencing first hand the Fise, Montpellier street sport festival. This event is considered to be one of the biggest street sport festivals in the World, which included the UCI BMX world Cup together with Skateboarding, Inline Skating,Scooter, Breaking and Parkour Competitions.

During the week Hurricane organised the Urban Sport Summit which covered information on all the olympic activities that are taking place in preparation for Paris 24 Olympics and also Dakar 26 Junior Olympics. Representatives from the UCI, World Skate, IOC and other governing bodies all shared valuable information on what preperations organisations like ourselves and our athletes must do to prepare them for participation in the olympics. We are working hard to see that one day we would see an athlete in both BMX and Skateboarding representing Malta at the olympics.

In order to achive this goal we must work hard in equiping Malta with the right facilities that can cater for the development of such a competition like the Olympics. During the summit information was also given on the sort of facilities that are being built in order to cater for this development. We gained a lot of ideas on how we can implement such facilities in Malta, we plan on seeing that the facilities we currently have for our sports like BMX and Skateboarding are one day upgraded to this standard.

We also heard many stories of the journey of various organisations who work in street sport and shared how they developed their facilities and organisation, we had organisations from each continents in the world.

During the weekend we then experienced the Fise festival and wintnessed talent in BMX,Skateboarding, Scooter, Inline Skate, Parkour and Breaking at the highest level, it was a real inspiration to one day see Maltese athletes taking park in such competitions. We have already strated this path through scooter and we will keep pushing to cover the others sports too.