Move Day at Mcast Campus

Move Day at Mcast Campus

MOVE , MSA – Malta Skateboarding Association and Malta Street Sports Association transform MCAST campus into a vibrant playground and attractive space where young people can meet and have fun in a healthy and safe environment. From exciting BMX games and skateboarding to street basket and panna tournaments, young people from all walks of life came together to show off their skills, make new friends and #BeActive⛹️🚴⛹️‍♀️🛹

But this event was about much more than street sports. It was a celebration of the limitless potential that lies within the campus. It proved that the campus isn’t only a hub for learning, and given the lack of healthy spaces for young people, the campus can also be an innovative space for promoting health and wellbeing beyond textbooks 📚🧾 transforming into a dynamic space for healthy conversation, active lifestyles and holistic growth

A big thanks 🙏 goes to @mcastcsrevents @mcastmt for the endless support and encouragement, all the participants and volunteers who made this event a resounding success! Together, we have taken a step forward to creating a healthier and happier campus community 💪💚

Let’s do more of this! 🙌