Zejtun Skatepark Upgrade

In 2021 MSSA was entrusted in upgrading the Zejtun Skatepark as the previous ramps that once were installed, had been completely remove due to being unrepairable. Although MSSA was given very little budget to replace the ramps, we came up with a design that would be very suitable for beginners and will not cost the council a lot to build. 


With the help of Agenzija Zghazagh, we organised workshops to include the youth in the area in every step of that way. The first step was to propose the design to the youth and hear their feedback on the design. Once it was approved by them, we started with the fabrication of the ramps. 

The next phase of the project was to transport the frames of the ramps to the skatepark and start the installation via workshops with the youth of the area. During the workshops, we explained to the youths how the ramps were built and gave them hands on experience using power tools to finish the ramps with them on site. Over a series of workshops during a very hot summer, we finished of the ramps and got them installed. 


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