Street Sport Shows

Street Sport shows are a crowd pleaser and are always the highlight of the event

Through out the year we organise a number of shows that are part of events such as school or local council events around Malta, in order to promote sports such as BMX, Skateboarding, Scooter and more. We can also perform shows at private events with various options on the kind of show we can perform. The main requirement for a show would be space and a smooth surface.

0% Promoting Physical Activity
0% Community


We can also turn our Street Sport show into an event and organise competitions to give a good show to the audience, Street Sport is definitely a crowd pleaser! 

Getting in Touch

Shows help us get in touch with new youths who might be interested in learning more about street sport and how they can participate. 


Our main objective with our Street Sport shows is to increase the awareness of street sport and make it more available to youth. 


We are very adaptable with the type of show we can perform, depending on the space we have. Many sports fall under street sport so we can also chose sports depending on the situation. 


In order to organise a professional and successful Street Sport show, we ask for a donation that will be used to cover all the expenses. 


Street Sport shows help increase our community and also increase the number of active people in our communities, its important that people are active so we can have healtier communities.

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