Zejtun Skatepark Upgrade – Succesful first workshop with locals

Zejtun Skatepark Upgrade – Succesful first workshop with locals

An Amazing experience this week during our first workshop with the youths at the Zejtun Skatepark, thanks to the support of Agenzija.zghazagh and the Zejtun Local Council, we planned and implemented an upgrade at the Zejtun Family Park where the youths where involved in every step of the way, including the build. This gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility on the ramps which in return will assure that the skatepark is well taken care of and possibility of vandalism and bad behavior in the area is reduced.

We are looking forward to finishing the build next week during our second workshop. Big thanks goes also to Nacho at www.brandinatra.com for helping us with the Design and ofcourse all the other helpers Like Zac Peric Calasone from MSA and Carlos Scorfna as our filmer. We hope that more councils will follow suit and listen to what the youths want to have in their open spaces, we see to many open spaces being created without the intention of youths being able to use this public space. We must remember that youths are one of the biggest users when in comes to open space,so this is why it is important that new public spaces are created in a way that promote youth to be active and enourages them to live a healthy lifestyle. This is our main goal! to get more public spaces created with youth and a healthy lifestyle in mind. Stay Tuned! 🙌🛠🪚🛴🛹🛠🚲🔥.

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