Introducing our latest project: Pump It!

Introducing our latest project: Pump It!

In collaboration with Move Malta, MSSA is thrilled to announce the launch of Pump It – a groundbreaking initiative aimed at redefining youth engagement in civic affairs through the power of street sports. In today’s digital age, youth involvement in community matters is facing unprecedented challenges. Pump It is here to help the way young people connect with their communities. By harnessing the energy and excitement of street sports, Pump It aims to enhance youth health and well-being while tackling issues like inactivity and mental health concerns. Our approach emphasizes on informal activities in street sports, woven seamlessly with soft skills development to foster inclusivity, cooperation, and social connection. 🤝

What can you expect from Pump It?

  1. Exciting roadshows featuring discussions and workshops promoting street sports and creative activities.
  2. A captivating documentary capturing the journey and stories of our youth participants.
  3. Opportunities for youth to advocate for safe spaces and equal representation in street sports.
  4. Eco-friendly practices and workshops promoting sustainability and environmental awareness.
  5. Inclusive environments fostering diversity, dialogue, and social cohesion.

Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for our first kick-off event in May! Get ready to pump up the volume and make a difference in our communities together!

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