First Air Bag in Malta! – Big Thanks to Regjun Tramuntana

First Air Bag in Malta! – Big Thanks to Regjun Tramuntana

You have probably seen dozens of videos on the internet of extreme sport athletes riding these sort of Air Bags in training facilities all around the world, many even purchase there own personl Air Bag to train with at home. Well now we have one in Malta too! These air bags are designed to act as a portable resi ramp, which makes it very easy to setup and dismental. The best feature about it is that it has a soft landing, so if you are trying some new tricks that you are not very comfortable with. You know have a ramp where you can try these tricks with less risk of hurting yourself!

We would like to Thank Regjun Tramuntana for purchasing this ramp, which is part of our project together to host the street sport festival later this year! This ramp will be used for various things we have planned in the near future, such as Shows, Training Sessions and more! We can’t yet release so much information about the festival yet due to the covid-19 situation but it seems that we soon shall be able to go ahead with lunching the event! so stay tuned! We have some exciting times coming for Street Sport!

All we can say for now is that we are very greatful for the people at Regjun Tramuntana for believing in us and agreeing with our mission to make street sport more available to youth and to promote a healthy lifestyle with it!

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