First Event of the year! Red Bull Full Moon Series – Game of Bike/Skate/Scooter.

First Event of the year! Red Bull Full Moon Series – Game of Bike/Skate/Scooter.

We hope that everyone has had a good start to the year. We have been pretty quiet on social media but for good reason! We have been working on various projects for this year to continue our push in street sport, so we are very happy to announce that we have teamed up with Red Bull Malta to organise various street sport events during their Full Moon Series. We are very honoured to be working with such a brand and we will make it a point to make a mark with these opportunites.

The first Red Bull Full Moon Series will be held at a secrect location somewhere in Malta on the 27th of Febuary, that evening we have planned to organise a Game of Bike (BMX) / Skate (Skateboarding) and Scoot (Scooter). Redbull will be selecting two athletes in each respective sport to go head to head on a course setup just for this event. Big Thanks to Regjun Tramuntana for providing us the ramps that are designed to be used for the street sport festival – Street idols that we hope to still organise later this year.

27th Febuary

Due to the situation of covid, this event will be a invite only event and only the participants will be allowed to attend to avoid any issues due to COVID Reguliations. Be sure that we will make a kick ass video to show you guys what went down during the event. For the participants, this will be a great opportunity to showcase our talent in the various sports and we cant wait to see what our athletes will throw down! Invitations from Redbull will soon be sent to the athletes they have picked and we cant wait to share with you the shredders that will be going head to head! so stay tuned for a great show of Maltese Talent!

We also have more events planned for this year which will include other sports suchs as Hip Hop, Street Football, 3×3 Basket and more, we are hoping that the situation of COVID will improve so we can organise compeitions and events for more people to enjoy. For now, we must be patient, so stay postive and keep an eye our for more infomation soon! Peace!