Palumbo Shipyard Open Day Show

Palumbo Shipyard Open Day Show

@palumboshipyards Open Day Recap! 🌟🛹 @karl.demicoli 🎥🔥

Was an absolute thrill at Palumbo Shipyard! the iconic shipyard was transformed into a playground of thrill, as we partnered with MSA, Leap Squad, and Street Elements to orchestrate a dazzling display of street sports. The air was charged with excitement, and the echoes of cheers reverberated against the colossal shipyard structures. 🙌 @msa_malta , @leapsquadmalta , and @street.elements . 🤸‍♂️🔥

From gravity-defying flips to mind-boggling parkour stunts, the Street Sport Show was a visual feast for adrenaline enthusiasts. Families, friends, and curious onlookers gathered to witness the fusion of athleticism and creativity against the industrial backdrop of Palumbo Shipyard. 🏗️💫 Beyond the breathtaking performances, the event offered a unique chance for the public to delve into the intricate workings of the shipyard. Attendees gained insights into the maritime industry, appreciating the significant role Palumbo plays in shaping the island’s narrative. 🌊🔧

We extend our deepest gratitude to Palumbo for graciously hosting this exhilarating event. Their support not only allowed us to showcase the dynamic world of street sports but also strengthened the bond between the community and the shipyard. 🙏 Relive the moments, share the excitement, and stay tuned for upcoming events that promise even more heart-stopping action. Palumbo Shipyard, where maritime meets adrenaline, and community bonds are forged through the language of sport! 🚀🤸‍♀️

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