OFFICIAL LAUNCH! What is MSSA? Who are we?

OFFICIAL LAUNCH! What is MSSA? Who are we?

The Malta Street Sport Association is a group of individuals passionate about street sport and thrive to progress the sport and to educate the general public about the benefits street sport can give to its participants. Our aim shall be to use street sport as a tool to help youth stay away from all sorts of addictions. Each member of MSSA comes from a background of street sport and we are commited in using our knowledge and experience to promote and push the sports that fall under street sport. We want such sports to become more popular and available to youth.

We believe that Malta, with all our good and bad can be a Hub of Street Sport with the right facilities in Place. Our goal is to do just that! and together we can accomplish it!

Big Thanks to Carlos Scorfna for putting together this awesome video and also thanks to all the athletes that took part in the making of this video

What have we done so far?

Since MSSA’s setup last year, we have been teaming up with many organisations that work with youth such as Sport Malta, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ and also other organisations that work in Street Sport. Such as the awesome guys at the Buggiba Skateapark, Birzebbuga Skateapark and the OG’s at the Malta Skateboarding Association. Together we have been working on how we can improve the current state of street sport here in Malta.

At this point we belive that there is:
1. A lack of knowledge from policy makers about Street Sports and its benefits.
2. A lack of facilities that cater for Street Sports.
3. A lack of knowledge on how these facilities should be built in a progressive way.
4. A lack of knowledge to the general public on how important street sport is to our youth.

Although the above might sound discouraging, there are a lot more positives on our tiny island. Apart from having great weather, we also have a lot of great talent on the island, together with a lot of people who have done a lot of work already for our scene and when we all come together we have a great scene. But it never gets the treatment it deserves and this is why sometimes it comes apart! This is where we come in, we are hear to tackle all the above issues and get sh*t done! but we cant do it alone and this is why we want to colloborate with anyone willing to contribute in improving the current situation of street sport here in Malta.

What to Expect?

In the coming months, we will be releasing some great news regarding a street sport festival we will be organising with Regjun Tramuntana. Unforetnely we where already supposed to release the event but with the outbreak of COVID-19, we had to postpone.

We cant give any information on when this event is scheduled to happen as we are still unclear what will be happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, what we can say is that we have one hell of a weekend planned for you all where a new skatepark will be built just for this event! MSSA together with foriegn builders will be building a brand new skatepark to be used for this event, once the event is finished. The skatepark will be split into two or three minature skateparks.

These skateparks will then be setup in different localities which are still to be identified. So Stay tuned and stay safe! This year is not ruined just yet! there is still hope of something awesome happening in 2020, the more we follow the rules on this pandemic, the quicker we can beat the virus and finish these restrictions we currently are facing.

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